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We are a noted provider of Angular development services in India. We offer development support for websites and both single-page and cross-platform apps.

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We at Zestra Technologies are a premiere AngularJs development Company located in Ahmedabad, India, offering clients high-quality, reliable solutions and support for this fantastic Web application Framework that is open source and that is maintained by Google. It assists in creating high-quality responsive websites as well as mobile apps that deliver stunning mobile and web experiences.

There is no doubt that angularJS created a framework to make front-end development as simple as possible. HTML was a suitable language to declare static documents. However, you are not able to create dynamic websites. However, angularJS is rapidly becoming popular and a lot of businesses are switching to angular js-based development firms located in Ahmedabad as well as other towns due to its impressive capabilities.

The well-known Javascript framework was developed as well as maintained by Google developers. It is followed by the MVC style pattern. Here are the main reasons it is gaining popularity and why it is difficult to find an angular business located in Ahmedabad, India, and other cities for site development:

  1. Simple architecture
  2. Plug and play components that plugin easily.
  3. Open Source community
  4. Facilitate development
  5. Lesser timer
  6. Write Less Code
  7. Back-end Programming Independent
  8. Reusable HTML components


Our services are affordable as compared to having staff at the site.


We are quick and responsive. Our turn-around time is smaller and can be as low as 5 minutes during overlapping times and up to 7-8 hours in the event of a time difference in working hours.


We recognize our responsibilities and the commitment we have to the task. If we make a commitment we will be fulfilled with certainty We are able to give the same assurance that we have previously.

Development Experience

We have a team of developers who work in different industries, including Cryptocurrencies, Healthcare, Cryptography, Social Networking, Bio-informatics, and more. Therefore, all the knowledge can be utilized in the event of a need. In case the assigned developers get stuck, they can talk about the issue with anyone on the team. So you're basically hiring a whole team of developers, not only the developers that are working on the project.

Developer Communication

Developers are able to be directly contacted via the client side team, as we believe when there is a middleman there's a miscommunication, and it delays everything.


We are always willing to communicate and can easily adapt to the appropriate communication style and preferred times for communication. If it isn't clearly established, then we prefer a weekly gathering where all parties can talk about the current situation and bottlenecks, and determine the priority for the coming week.

We have with us a team of engineers and developers who are fully cognizant with the platform. With many years of experience in working on AngularJS, these professionals are well versed in building single-page and multi-platform compatible applications on it.

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Thanks to our team and infrastructure, we currently have the capacity to produce large volumes of apps and websites on AngularJS. As the top Angular development company in Ahmedabad India, our support and solutions are aimed at leveraging your business, meeting your deadlines and working on your budget.

Our AngularJS Services

  1. AngularJS Website Development
  2. AngularJS Web App Development
  3. AngularJS Mobile App Development
  4. AngularJS Video and Audio Portal Development









We assure only high-performing apps that your clients will keep your clients engaged in the long haul. So, watch your business grow with our apps by hiring us for your AngularJS app development.

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