You cannot afford to lose customers, whether you are an online store owner or an online store business. This means that you want to rank high on Google in the online world. Google My Business (GMB), a way to rank higher than your competitors and get quality leads to your website, is a great option. What is the reason? The answers are right here

Local Ranking Factor industry research shows that Google My Business "signals", the most important ranking factor in local pack rankings, is Google My Business. Google My Business signals saw a significant rise in importance when it comes to a ranking between 2017-2018, rising from 19% up to 25%.

Zestra is a reputable digital marketing company in Ahmedabad and across the world. They do everything possible to make clients' businesses grow. Google's tools are a great partner in this endeavor. Google My Business, a free service that integrates with Google's search engine, allows you to share information about your business with others in an easy-to-understand format.

When people search for you online, it will show up in search results. It is free and can be used by small and large businesses as a marketing tool. GMB listings are preferred by SEO professionals who prefer to promote a location-based approach. Many consider GMB listings to be the first step in local SEO success. This is because they offer the best impact for brands looking for local exposure.

How to optimize Google My Business Page

Make a perfect GMB profile

A profile that is informative and contains the most current information is the first step to optimizing the Google My Business page. Your profile should communicate the purpose of your business, its location, and how users can purchase your goods or services. This is a list of things your profile should not overlook:

  • Name: Your business listing name should be consistent and accurate. It must also clearly show what is currently on your website.
  • Address:- Mark the exact location of your business on GMB.
  • Number:- Include your contact information and phone number.
  • Category for businesses: This will give you an idea of what kind of services your business offers. This is one factor that can impact your local ranking on Google.
  • Description: The section titled "Description" should include eye-catching information that clearly reflects the purpose of your brand.

Include keywords

Google uses many signals to deliver search results, similar to traditional website SEO. When you send a Local Post to your target audience, search for keywords and search phrases that are relevant. It is a great way to help customers discover you, even the best SEO agency.

High-resolution photos are recommended

To gain a greater business advantage, make use of the visual aspects of your Google My Business page. Businesses that have photos on their GMB pages will get 35% more clicks to their sites than those without. Make sure you upload a photo of yourself, a cover photo, a logo, and any other visuals that will give your customers 'the right impression' about your business.

Make room for reviews

GMB page reviews are essential to your overall marketing. Customers should be able to leave feedback and have the time to reply to them. This will demonstrate how much you value customers' opinions and show that you care about them. Positive customer reviews, which are high quality and positive, can help boost your company's visibility, as well as increase the chances of potential customers visiting your business.

Publish your upcoming developments and projections

You should keep updating your page with information about the company's progress and achievements. Posts on Google My Business can be used to publish news, events, product launches, and other information directly to Google Search and Maps. Engage the audience with attractive and engaging posts. This will help keep your and Google's attention on your posts.

GMB Insights can optimize your page

  • Google My Business offers inbuilt tools that give you valuable insight for each post. These stats can be viewed weekly, monthly or quarterly to see how popular your business is among current and potential customers. Below are key details you can get from the insight tools.
  • What are your customers searching for about your business on Google?
  • Where customers can see your Google business listing?
  • Your customers' locations
  • What time do people visit your business listing?
  • Customer takes action - they can visit your site, click directions, view photos, or call you.

GMB is a powerful tool for digital marketing and SEO Company in Ahmedabad and we also recognize that GMB has its challenges. Google is constantly updating its features, so it is important to keep up with the latest developments. Remember that engagement is still the key factor in Google's ranking. To improve your chances of ranking higher, you should strive to have better interactions with users.